Helping your child sleep through the night.

Helping your child sleep through the night.

1. Avoid big meals close to bedtime, and stay away from any products containing caffeine less than six hours before your child’s bedtime.

2. After dinner, avoid any exciting, simulating activities. Night time should be spent doing relaxing activities with your child like reading (try reading books your child is familiar with as it’s more relaxing).

3. Warn your child that bedtime is in five minutes, or give them a choice — “Do you want to go to bed now or in five minutes?” but limit this to once per night.

4. Establish a consistent and relaxing bedtime routine that lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and ends in your child’s bedroom.

5. Avoid singing or rocking your child to sleep, because if they wake in the middle of the night they may need you to sing or rock her back to sleep. Instead, have them get used to falling asleep with a transitional object, like a favorite blanket or stuffed animal.

6. Make sure your child is comfortable. Clothes and blankets should not restrict movement, and the bedroom temperature shouldn’t be too warm or too cold.

7. If your child calls for you after you’ve left their room, wait a few moments before responding. This will remind him that he should be asleep, and it’ll give him the chance to soothe himself and even fall back asleep while he is waiting for you.

8. If your child comes out of their room after you’ve put them to bed, walk them back and gently but firmly remind them that it’s bedtime.

9. Give your child tools to overcome their worries. These can include a flashlight, a spray bottle filled with “monster spray,” or a large stuffed animal to “protect” them, or try making a glowing bed time bottle.

10. Set up a reward system. Each night your child goes to bed on time and stays there all night, they gets a star. After three stars, give them a prize, this will encourage continuing good behavior.

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