Holiday Scents

Here at Glitter Pop Up Parties we are just beside ourselves for the coming holiday season! So our gift to you will be sharing some awesome ideas for everything celebration and festive season related we are so happy to share this fabulous time with you, so to kick things off we would like to share our top 2 festive scents this season and where to get them.

Our first favorite scent is in the form of a candle from Dusk and is call Berry Christmas Candle jar it features a unique blend of vanilla, spice and berry aromas and is currently on special for $20 down from $29.99 it can be found at 

Our second scent is in the form of a reed diffuser so perfect if you are nervous about fire in the house with little ones round to touch, this is also from Dusk and is called the Mood Reed Gift Set  infusing the luscious blend of vanilla pods with a delicate hint of cinnamon. A complete ready-to-go gift that is sure to impress. for $49.99 at

Let us know your favorite scents at our facebook page, happy sniffing!


Holiday road trip/travel essentials

We all know the stuggle of getting from A to B during the holiday time so here our are essentials for a peaceful trip.

1. Electronics are pretty much a given these days with kids whether it be a gaming device, phone or music an absolute is extra batteries or power source so if you have children or even for yourself try investing in a longer cord for your device such as 2-5 meters long should keep the noise down

2. Plenty of water/drinks it is especially important to stay hydrated regularly but in the stressful holiday season it is even for important so remember to stay hydrated

3. Down sizing, only take what is absolutely needed especially if you are staying away from home you probably wont need or appreciate the extra luggage when you are cramped and sore from pulling it around all the time

4. Make sure there is plenty of rest stops everyone needs a little stretch of the legs/breather on long driving trips remember: Stop, revive, survive

5. A road worthy play list! Don’t forget to take your favorite tunes along for the ride. An iPod playlist or CD collection works wonders in making the trip more enjoyable, especially if you’re traveling through an area where radio signals might be sketchy. Be sure to carry along a mix of tunes that cover every mood, from upbeat to introspective, to make the most of your trip.