Oprah Winfrey Fav List for Chrissy


Oprah Winfrey has released her list of “Favourite Things” for 2014 and it appears the former TV host has transformed into Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow.

The 72 products, which are her “favourite, favourite gifts to give and receive this year” and have been “tasted, tested, sniffed, snuggled, brewed, steeped, read, shared and dared” by Winfrey, cost more than a new small imported car in Australia.

Winfrey previously unveiled her annual gift guide on her now defunct television show in front of a live studio audience. The announcement was broadcast to millions of viewers around the world. This year, she has published the list, which would cost about $15,223, on her website and in the latest edition of Oprah magazine.

Plenty of bite: For Oprah Winfrey, nothing says Happy Holidays like a $175 loaf of bread.Plenty of bite: For Oprah Winfrey, nothing says Happy Holidays like a $175 loaf of bread. Photo:

The most unique gifts include a $168 foot balm, a pair of $285 Ugg boots with a wedge heel, a $175 loaf of bread, which is almost a metre wide and weighs 6.8 kilograms, and a $580 tablet developed by actor Ashton Kutcher.


You can also spend $167 on nine bottles of vegan nail polish.

“They’re also cruelty free and made without five major nail polish toxins,” Winfrey wrote.

Or you can spend $100 on paper versions of cheesy inspirational quotes usually seen on Instagram or, as Winfrey highlights, the “365 Gathered Truth Set”.

“Here’s a boxful of gathered truths printed on beautiful handmade paper. I like to read as many as I can while I’m waiting five minutes for my chai to steep. If you get only one of my ‘Favourite Things’ this year, I’d want this to be it,” she passive-aggressively suggested.

Last year, Paltrow was panned for releasing a similarly aspirational list titled the “Goop Gift Guide”, which suggested that an $800 set of cards, monogrammed cocktail napkins and a hoverboard were great gift ideas for loved ones.


Christmas Calm: Ten Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Sure, you love the holiday season–but just not so much of it! This year, you’re hoping to cut the crazy out of Christmas: to trim the celebration back to one that is sustainable and calm.

Question is, just how do you do less–and enjoy it more–during the Christmas holiday season?

If you’re aiming to simplify Christmas, take time to ponder ways to cut stress, save money and tame over-the-top traditions. Setting simplicity strategies in place early will keep you from being swept up in holiday madness.

Get armed! Try these ten simple strategies to calm holiday chaos and rein in the seasonal overkill this year.

Christmas Stress

10 Simplicity Strategies

Prune the to-do list. Ask, “If I don’t do this, what will happen?” Aim to knock down the list of chores to the rock-bottom necessity.

Cut the gift list. Rein in gift exchanges that have been outgrown or lost their meaning. Limit gifts to children only, draw names, or organize a gift exchange.

Wrap as you go. Who needs to spend Christmas Eve catching up on wrapping chores? Sticky notes will help you keep track of gift contents.

Buy, don’t bake. Turn your back on the oven this year. Supermarkets, bakeries and the freezer department of the discount warehouse are a great source for delicious, pre-baked holiday treats.

Call, don’t send cards. Reach out and touch someone … the easy way. Online greeting cards are easy, inexpensive and fun to send. No more lines at the post office!

Scale back décor. Substitute a simple door wreath for outdoor lighting, a tabletop tree for the over-the-top tannenbaum. Focusing holiday decor on the Big Three–front door, tree and focal point–can bring a festive feel to the house without day-long decorating sessions.

Cut the clean-a-thon. Focus cleaning attention on kitchen and public rooms; private areas can slide til season’s end. Better to schedule deep-cleaning chores like carpet cleaning until after the wear-and-tear of the holiday season.

Downsize dishwashing. Hand-washing fine china is nobody’s idea of a good time, so move to everyday stoneware. Simpler still: paper plates!

Finger food, not feast. A smorgasboard of tasty tidbits is easier on the cook and kinder to the waistline than a sit-down dinner. Share the work by hosting pot-luck events.

Stay home! Cuddling down close to the hearth beats holiday travel any day. A holiday “stay-cation” allows for evening drives to see the lights, family camp-outs in front of the Christmas tree, and evenings spent with carols and popcorn. Fun!




Make your own snow globe

Have a bunch of baby food jars hanging around? Here’s a great upcycle for all those cute little jars! Turn them into mini snow globes with a few household items. Baby Food Jar Snow Globes are easy to create and make a fantastic gift idea!


  • empty baby food jars {Stage 2 size is the cutest, in my opinion, but all sizes work just fine!}
  • mini fake trees
  • Goo Gone
  • Glycerin
  • Glass & Bead glue OR Epoxy
  • Glitter {colored chunkier glitter works best. Don’t use clear or fine glitter}
  • Gold spray paint
  • distilled water


1. Remove the labels off the jars and clean off the glue with Goo Gone.

2. Spray paint the lids gold {or desired color}.

3. Put a little glue on both the inside of the lid and the bottom of the fake tree. Allow to dry for 1-2 minutes and then press the tree onto the lid. Allow to dry for 24 hours


4. Add about 1 teaspoon of glitter into each jar.

5. Fill with distilled water and add 5 drops of Glycerin. {5 drops seemed to work the best.} Screw the lid {with the tree} onto the top and you’ve got yourself the cutest mini snow globe ever!


And that is how you make Baby Food Jar Snow Globes!




Christmas is on its way

With Christmas in just under seven weeks away it is time to start the festivities and here at Glitter Pop Up Parties we love to get into the festive spirit so watch this space for craft, games, plenty of DIYS and lot more! We love to hear your feedback and suggestions so please leave a comment or contact us at our Facebook site. Also don’t forget to share your creations with us we would love to see them, happy holidays :)