Think a whole lot of Neon!

Think a whole lot of Neon!

We are SUPER excited about our next glow in the dark party! From seeing the huge trend in neon this past year expand, with everything from clothes to shoes, home decor, even weddings, we at Glitter pop up parties knew this would be a killer party theme too. Kicking the neon theme up a notch with a glow in the dark neon party is an even better idea!

Everything gets better when it is glow in the dark. Just take bowling, miniature golf, 5 K marathons and parties are no exception! A glow in the dark party is an awesome idea for a sweet 16, hen’s party, super popular with teens and even kiddies alike!
Your party hosts will immerse you in the world of Neon where you will create fashionable neon jewelry, play our special Neon Nail polish Spin the Bottle Game, fluoro fashion design races, and glow dancing. Have your guest’s help you design and create your signature Neon birthday keepsake that of course you will all autograph to ensure your neon madness memories are sealed forever. Because of how funky and cool everything is.

You really can’t get any cooler than glow in the dark invitations, decorations, food and awesome neon outfits for a party. Not to mention how awesome it is to use glow sticks and glow in the dark paint in almost every party detail imaginable. Our minds are just buzzing with ideas. We have rounded up our favorite neon glow in the dark party ideas and can’t wait to show you how cool this party can be!

When our next neon party gets started we are asking all guests (including mums, dads and loved ones!) to dress to swag up in white or neon for the big day. We will provide everything else! As always there are heaps of optional extras like lazer lights, bubble machines and more, call us today for an obligation free quote and we can get your party started!






Most expensive celebrity children parties!

Taylor Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills went all out for her daughter’s fourth birthday party. The $60,000 party, planned by Dana Wilkey, known for her lavish celebrity-driven events, was held at the Houdini mansion in the Laurel Canyon area. It was a tea party fit for a queen complete with floating teapots holding flowers, a ridiculous teacake and cupcakes on amazing china.

designed by event planner Jo Gartin of Love Luck and Angels. Sounds quaint enough, but of course it didn’t stop there. There was a ladybug insect zoo, a create-your-own-potted-plant station, cookie-decorating activities, and pony rides. To top it all off, a live performance by her son’s, favorite band, The Jumpitz. Too bad the birthday girl’s silk white dress was ruined when she dove into the cake.
Tameka took the Aladdin theme up a notch for the first birthday of Usher’s second son, Naviyd Raymond. They hired a party planning service to execute it, complete with magic carpet seating, camel rides, face painting, henna tattoos, and more. Sounds better than the Disney movie.

Most of us adore sesame street, Pink’s daughter was lucky enough to have partied with Sesame Street for her second birthday. The themed party was complete with Cookie Monster and Elmo characters. The rockin’ guestlist included Sandra Bullock, Selma Blair and their sons.



if we could have any celebrities for parents, we’d probably opt for music sensations Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Lucky for Blue Ivy, they are her parents; so lucky that for her second birthday, the two megastars rented a wildlife park/botanical garden called Jungle Island, in Miami, Fla. If they spent $200,000 on her first birthday, you could only imagine how much they dropped for her second.


Top 5 Celebrity Kid’s Parties

Suri Cruise

Hollywood’s littlest fashion icon celebrated her 4th birthday party with a tea-party theme. The menu featured cupcakes and an array of sweet treats which included spending $230 at Little Sprinkles bakery in LA just on cupcakes. The shindig also included a scavenger hunt and swimming. We’re not sure how much Tom Kat forked out for the party, but if her second birthday is anything to go by, we’re fairly sure the figure is in the thousands rather than the hundreds. The theme for that party was butterflies, and made headlines when it was revealed that the cake alone cost a whopping $5000!

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt threw their daughter a soldier-themed party last month. We doubt that Shiloh got a princess outfit for her birthday based on Jolie’s recent comments in Vanity Fair about her tomboy ways: “She likes to dress like a boy. She wants to be a boy. So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything. She thinks she’s one of the brothers.” A soldier-themed party sounds spot-on. (We at Glitter parties especially loved this idea!)

Lily Rose Depp

Angelic-faced daughter of Johnny Depp and model Vanessa Paradis, Lily Rose Depp, got to celebrate her 8th birthday with her parents at Hollywood’s exclusive magician club, The Magic Castle. The Chateau-style mansion is a Hollywood institution that puts on daily magic shows and transforms into a nightclub after hours.

Johan Samuel

Heidi Klum and Seal’s son Johan enjoyed a train-themed third birthday party. The model and her musician husband dressed in overalls and conductor hats along with the rest of their brood, which includes daughter Leni, 5, son Henry, 4, and baby daughter Lou Sulola. The party also featured a miniature ride-on train set in the backyard. Toot-Toot! All aboard!

Cruz Beckham

The son of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham loves superheros and celebrated his 5th birthday at Hollywood’s Extreme Martial Arts World Headquarters, sporting this rocking Transformers Optimus Prime costume. We’re sure his outfit did his stylish mum proud.





Turn your child into a little rockstar!

Does your child love to sing and dance to his or her favorite songs? Does he or she dream of performing for millions of screaming fans one day? Then let us throw you your very own superstar VIP party! From up do hairstyles to party games, look no further for your ticket to a fabulous party!

If your child is an outgoing music-a-holic – no doubt this is the party theme for them! Your disco / rockstar party will begin with the arrival of two fantastic hosts its time for some glitter make-up and eye shadow. Don’t worry if you have a few boys attending too, our hosts can give them a temporary tattoo makeover. Even a spider or scar on their face if they want as well.
Our host will entertain your guests nonstop while we sets up games, pack up games and keep your party super organized. The only things you need to organize are the food and cake (we provide goodie bags). We continually update our music playlist for this theme (along with others) and include a wide range of tracks from the latest hits through to classics like Frozen’s famous “let it go” all the way to the classic hit “Gangnam style”.

Once your guests are looking like rockstars, the games and activities begin! Often the party will start with musical statues and then move on to bop bop freeze. When it’s time for a break from all the dancing and singing, We play some sit down games including the popular pass the parcel. Specific games and activities will depend on the age and number of children you have attending. Two hour parties also include a fantastic craft for all the guests to make. Remember You can always add on as many hours as you please (additional fee’s apply).

From the moment we arrive and start we will be running games and activities non-stop. Towards the end of your party, we will ask if you would like a group photo of the children before they take a walk down the red carpet, and we will help organize this for you. After that, often in the last ten minutes of our party time, we will get the kids to walk down the red carpet and strike a rockstar pose while family and friends have the opportunity to take their own photographs of their little rockstars and we usually squeeze in one last game before it’s time for us to leave. This is when we hand out the goodie bags, Unless you prefer to hand them our yourselves, In which case we will leave these with you so you and your birthday child can hand these out when your guests are leaving.


To get the most out of your party, we recommend you serve party food 20 minutes before we arrive, or immediately after we leave. That way, we can do as many of the above games and activities with the kids as possible! As you can see below, we have included everything in your party packages – so the only thing you need to organize is the party food and cake.
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Goodna RSL get’s the Glitter treatment

Goodna RSL get’s the Glitter treatment!

A glittery and cheerful happy birthday to our good friends at the Goodna RSL! Wishing them a very happy birthday for their second year re-opening after the tragic floods of 2011. The fun filled weekend included face painting, glitter make overs, live entertainment, arts and crafts workshops and thousands to be won in the cash prizes! Not to mention the free dinner, meat plates and seafood giveaways. We at glitter parties loved every moment entertaining kids and adults alike, and supporting our local community.


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